people are allowed to…

„People are allowed to make choices that not only don’t prioritize their ‚health‘ based on whatever definition, but that actively put their health, up to and including their lives, in danger. People are allowed to play sports even though they lead to sports injuries in the short term and can lead to chronic issues. People are allowed to go mountain climbing even though only people who climb mountains fall off of them and get injured or die. People are allowed to spend tons of time outside even though it vastly increases the risk of skin cancer.  People are allowed to be sedentary and eat fast food.   People are allowed to participate in extreme sports with huge risk. People are allowed to be cast members of Jackass. People are allowed to be rockstars and not get any sleep. People are allowed to be professional football players and put their bodies at tremendous risk.  People of all sizes get to make choices about their bodies and health, and there are no obligations as to what those choices have to be.“

Ragen Chastain

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