Treffen am 11.11.2016

Die ARGE Dicke Weiber trifft sich wieder jeden 2. Freitag im Monat an einem öffentlichen Ort und lädt alle dicken/fetten Frauen,die uns immer schon kennen lernen wollten, herzlich ein mit uns einen netten Abend zu verbringen.

Wir freuen uns über jedes neue Gesicht, herzhafte Diskussionen und gute Stimmung. Bei Interesse schreibt doch einfach eine Mail an

Jetzt schon ganz liebe dicke Grüße,
eure ARGE


„There should be absolutely no shame in having a disease.  None.  It does not matter what disease someone has, they should never be shamed for it.  I advocate for nothing less than shame-free, blame-free, future-oriented healthcare.  It does not matter why someone has a disease, it matters what happens moving forward.  We can never change the past so after a diagnosis it’s all about options and choices, not blame or shame.  People who are diagnosed with a disease should be given true information, all of their options, and compassionate care on their terms based on their choices. “

Ragen Chastain


„Nobody is required to practice HAES or any other health practice, but if you want to practice habits that you believe will support your health then there shouldn’t be barriers to that – you should have access to the foods you choose, movement options that you enjoy that are both physically and psychologically safe (so that you can, for example, go swimming at your gym’s pool without any fear of being shamed), and affordable evidence-based healthcare (so your doctor listens to you and gives you interventions proven to help your symptoms and does not bring up weight other than if there are unexplained gains or losses, or to prescribe a proper dose of medication.)  There is tons of work and activism to be done around access and it’s really important work.“

Ragen Chastain