Überall Bäuche

Überall Bäuche,
manche sind schmal,
manche sind fest,
manche hängen hinab,
manche wölben sich vor,

überall Bäuche,
manche sind gefüllt,
manche sind leer,
manche knurren,
manche grummeln,
manche glucksen, Weiterlesen

Your body is yours.

„Your body is not a debt to be paid, not a problem to solve, or an albatross to carry. Your body is yours. All you need to do is have the body you have, keep yourself safe, and build the momentum of your own goodness. Feel it whirring away inside you. Fuel its engine. Remember who are you are, regardless of the body you have.And remember all that’s yours at the end of the day. You have the puttering motor of your goodness, and you have all the fuel it needs. You have a body that keeps you warm, soft and tender. You have lungs that fill with cool, sweet air, and a heart that beats oceans through your veins. You have the tides of your own body, and the moon that governs them.“

Your Fat Friend