What you can do:

„You can interrupt others when they call fat people names, or pass judgments on their health, relationships, appearance or value. You can talk to family members who offer unsolicited advice on dieting, exercise, fashion or health. You can stop seeing movies with actors in fat suits, stop listening to comedians who target fat people.“

Your Fat Friend

change reality

„But for change to happen somebody has to do it. Somebody – and then more somebodies – must buck the system.  In the course of changing ‘reality’ I notice that a lot of people to sacrifice a little, some people to sacrifice a lot, and a few people to sacrifice everything.  None of those people has to be you, but they could if you choose. I am very clear that I stand on the shoulders of thousands of people who sacrificed time, money, relationships, personal comfort, and even their lives to create parts of reality which I now enjoy.  I don’t take those sacrifices for granted and I can’t think of any better way to show gratitude than to become part of that tradition. And remember that it doesn’t have to be something huge.  Every little bit helps.  So consider organizing a ‘No Make-Up Monday’ at your school or work, or wear a sleeveless shirt and proudly show your arms, tell people your real weight.  To be clear, I have nothing against those who choose to wear make-up, or try for intentional weight loss cover their bodies, or lie about their weight.  If that’s what you want to do then I respect your choice just like I want my choices respected – what I’m interested in is having the opportunity to choose things just because we want to, without the consideration that if we don’t choose them, the herd will say we’re baaaaaaaad and we’ll suffer consequences.“

Ragen Chastain

Sinn unserer Arbeit

„Bei unserem Tun als Aktivistinnen (Körper-, Dicken-, etc.) geht es also darum festzustellen, dass jede ihre eigenen Qualitäten, Fähigkeiten, Fertigkeiten hat – und alle etwas zur Gemeinschaft beitragen – sowie dass alle ganz individuelle Leben haben – und wir nun herausfinden wollen wie wir unsere Leben verbessern können. Ein wichtiger Bestandteil ist zu sagen: wir können so sein wie wir sind und das ist gut so.“

Mitglied der ARGE Dicke Weiber

act of rebellion

„In a society that profits from our self-doubt, choosing to love oneself is an act of rebellion. When people see my husband and I — he, the ‘good looking’ male and me, the ‘fat’ woman — supporting each other and showcasing our love, it challenges stereotypes. Sure, it makes certain people extremely uncomfortable. But if you are not ashamed of your body and if your partner is not ashamed of your body, those outsider opinions begins to grow mute.“

Kat Stroud

fat furniture

„When a fat person asks for furniture that accommodates us or enough room to sit on a plane or plus sizes (or, as I like to call them, sizes) this is not asking for something special – it’s asking for what others already have.  If the other patients at your doctor’s office walk into the office and sit down, but you can’t because the chairs all have arms and don’t work for you, then when you ask for an armless chair you’re not asking for something special – you’re asking for what the other patients already have.“

Ragen Chastain