stand alone

„But that isolation, dear friend, is where fat people live every day. When we decide to stand up for ourselves, we are deciding to go it alone. We make little calculations every day. How much can I endure today? How much backlash can I withstand if I defend myself? What do I risk if I stand up for myself with my boss, partner, mother, friend? How can I ignore this, and will it still haunt me anyway? We go it alone because even our dearest friends, our most loving family, can’t comprehend defending a fat person without caveats, excuses, or qualifiers. Many don’t defend us at all. (…)Please, dear friend, do something now. Say something to affirm a fat person. Post something on facebook. Break the isolation. Go out on a limb. Feel the way it sways and cracks beneath you. Remember that some of us feel that unsettling sway every day.“

Your Fat Friend

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