I want

„In a weight-hating society, there will always be a fattest person and we will always know who that person is.(…) What I want for all of us is first that we’re welcome to participate in all aspects of society. If fat people are not welcome to exist, there is simply no point in talking about our health. I want people of all sizes to have friends, family, lovers, social support, community, and a sense of our own worth and purpose in life. I want none of these things to depend on weight. I want all of us to enjoy our embodiment however we like. I want us all to think of health-enhancing behaviors without once thinking of weight or weight-loss goals. I want people with mental illness and eating disorders to get support and treatment, free from stigma. I want our ideas of health and our healthcare system and our mental health system to be free from a focus on weight or weight loss and to have social justice as a first priority. I don’t believe there’s a weight limit for this sort of Health At Every Size® approach. I think it can benefit everyone. And then, if we do happen to notice that someone is the fattest person alive, that label might not itself be so damaging and possibly deadly.“

Marilyn Wann

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