Bei unserem Treffen am 11.12.2009 haben wir uns den Film »Disfigured« in der US-amerikanischen Originalfassung angesehen und anschließend darüber diskutiert. Alles in allem fanden wir ihn sehr berührend und stärkend.

USA, 2008
Director: Glenn Gers
Starring: Deidra Edwards, Staci Lawrence

»Lydia is a fat, graceful woman struggling to maintain her identity in fashionable Venice Beach, CA. Though she is a member of a Fat Acceptance Group (a movement dedicated to fighting prejudice against overweight people), she still struggles with complex feelings about her body and its place in the world.

Darcy, a recovering-anorexic Venice real estate agent, is struggling with the same issues from a very different perspective. Her attempt to join the Fat Acceptance Group (since she sees herself as fat) is quickly rejected – but it introduces her to Lydia.

Though they seem at first to be each other’s worst nightmare, Lydia and Darcy begin to confide in each other. Meeting warily in the social minefields of hunger and satisfaction, anger and femininity, sexuality and fashion, trust and fear … they become friends.«

Homepage zum Film


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